Chapter Closing: UX & Web Dev Bootcamp Certificate Ceremony

certificate ceremony

As a journey begins, so too must it come to an end – and what an incredible journey it has been for the students of Whatson IT Academy’s Web Development and UX Bootcamp! The hard work, dedication, and determination shown by each and every participant have been truly inspiring, and it’s time to celebrate their achievements.

Honoring Success

On Friday, March 8, 2024, at 3:00 PM, we will host the Certificate Ceremony for the Web Development and UX Bootcamp. This ceremony is a momentous occasion for our students as it marks the successful completion of their journey with Whatson IT Academy.

A Journey to Remember

Since the program began on December 23, the students have been on an exciting and transformative journey, learning essential skills in web development and UX design. From coding and design principles to user experience research and testing, they have gained a comprehensive understanding of the field and are ready to apply their knowledge to real-world projects.

A Celebration of Achievement

The Certificate Ceremony will be a celebration of the students’ achievements, as well as an opportunity for them to showcase their final projects. It will also be a chance for the Whatson IT Academy community to come together and celebrate the success of our students and the impact they are sure to make in the world of web development and UX design.

Join Us in CelebratingWe invite all stakeholders to join us in celebrating this special occasion. Your support and encouragement have been instrumental in the success of our students, and we look forward to sharing this moment with you.

Chapter Closing: UX & Web Dev Bootcamp Certificate Ceremony

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