Joy Shahriar Performs at WhatsOn Music Academy!

Famous Bangladeshi singer and songwriter Joy Shahriar has shared his thoughts on music with the WhatsOn Music Academy Students on 11 September, Friday. Dipto Paul Reports.


He also performs a few of his songs including ‘Shotti Bolci’ with the students, guests, and WhatsOn officials.

At the very beginning, the singer shared his early days, how he came into the music industry, and how he developed his career as a full-time musician.

Then Joy Shahriar talked with the students about his latest release and also sang one of his songs ‘Tomake Bhalobashi Bole’ with the audience.

After that, the singer attended the Q/A session with the audience where he replied to different questions on music and shared some tips of music with the students and guests.

Joy Shahriar said, “While making the music, just listen to your heart. That’s the basic thing I would say to everyone.  It is not a science rather it’s an art. It’s about portraying your feeling in the right way and you must do that.”

At the end of the session, Joy performed his all-time hit song ‘Shotti Bolci’ for the audience.

WhatsOn Director Sam Alim Said, “Our main goal is, we want to reach out and enrich the world through music and arts. That’s how we are different from anyone. Thanks, Joy Shahriar for showing his support to us.”

Watch the live show here

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Rokon Emon Joins WhatsOn Music Academy!

Brush up your Sa Re Ga Ma’s, and join the WhatsOn family on Friday for an hour and a half of community, learning and singing!

This Friday, 24 April 2020, from 4.30PM-6PM Bangladesh Time (10.30AM GMT), WhatsOn Music Academy teacher Anupom Chakraborty will teach his students the magic Rabindranath Tagore through his song, “Borissho Dhara Majhe”.

What’s more, renowned singer and music producer from Bangladesh, Rokon Emon, will be introducing the class and joining in to teach and also do a mini performance!

So what are you waiting for? Join us for an afternoon of fun!

To find out more, contact us.

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Are You Ready For Guitar Lesson?

Join the WhatsOn Friday Funday! WhatsOn Music Academy is hosting a live music session every Friday from 4.30PM-5.30PM and you and your friends are invited to join! Practice your Sa-Re-Ga-Ma’s, pick up your guitar, and join the WhatsOn family from the safety of your home for an hour of music, fun and community.

Join us on 5 June 2020 as renowned Lead Guitarist Yeamin Abrar from ‘Encore’ band” will join with us to celebrate and share his knowledge on Guitar! Taught by music veteran Anupom Chakraborty, this weekly event is not to be missed! So what are you waiting for Come along and join in the fun with the WhatsOn fam!

Go to this link to join the class!

For more details

Or call 01745442163

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Welcome To Our Academy. We Start Since 2019

Welcome to our academy. We start in 2019 with the help of WhatsOn supporters and followers. We began our journey with our experienced music teacher who teaches Classical, Folk & Western Music to the students along with different instruments like Tabla, Guitar, and Piano. In the very beginning, we continued to run classes physically with students in our Bangladesh office. Besides that, we regularly invited various famous Bangladeshi artists from different musical genres to attend physically in the academy to share their thoughts on music. But during the Coronavirus Pandemic, when the world was shut down, we decided to take our academy in your home. We moved online, and our music teacher gives the lesson to his students sitting at his studio. We have students from UK, India, Australia, Japan & Bangladesh. Now, we invite guests regularly to attend our online classes and to share their experiences with the students. We invite you to join us with your friends and family! Practices your Sa-Re-Ga-Ma’s, pick up your guitar and join the WhatsOn family from the safety of your home for an hour of music, fun, and community.

Music Teacher Photo 3
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