Welcome to our academy. We start in 2019 with the help of WhatsOn supporters and followers. We began our journey with our experienced music teacher who teaches Classical, Folk & Western Music to the students along with different instruments like Tabla, Guitar, and Piano. In the very beginning, we continued to run classes physically with students in our Bangladesh office. Besides that, we regularly invited various famous Bangladeshi artists from different musical genres to attend physically in the academy to share their thoughts on music. But during the Coronavirus Pandemic, when the world was shut down, we decided to take our academy in your home. We moved online, and our music teacher gives the lesson to his students sitting at his studio. We have students from UK, India, Australia, Japan & Bangladesh. Now, we invite guests regularly to attend our online classes and to share their experiences with the students. We invite you to join us with your friends and family! Practices your Sa-Re-Ga-Ma’s, pick up your guitar and join the WhatsOn family from the safety of your home for an hour of music, fun, and community.

Music Teacher Photo 3